The Jarvie Concept


Old Age Relief and Service

The 1934 Trust Agreement that conveyed the administration and operation of the Jarvie Program to the Board of National Missions expressly stated that the Board was to continue the “Jarvie concept of Old Age Relief and Service.” That concept reflected Mr. Jarvie’s “understanding and deep sympathy for the unfortunate, particularly for those who, born and reared and living the active years of their lives in comfortable circumstances, found themselves in their old age in poverty and distress.”


Personalized Services

Consistent with this vision, beneficiaries who are accepted into the Jarvie Program receive a complement of services that are personalized for their particular situation. Accredited social workers call and visit beneficiaries on a regular basis, helping them to address health care needs, financial demands, living situations and other essentials of daily life. Direct financial assistance is also available for those who qualify.