Offering Relief to the Aged

Faithful to Mr. Jarvie’s vision of the “Jarvie Concept,” the primary mission of the Jarvie Program is: “To offer financial aid and friendly service to elderly folk, sixty-five and beyond, within the Protestant faith and residing with the Greater New York area; persons of culture and education whose former comfortable circumstances have been reversed and who, in their declining years, find themselves without sufficient means of support.”

Program Eligibility

The Jarvie Program does not accept self-referrals. A beneficiary candidate must be referred by a pastor or other person able to vouch for the candidate’s eligibility. As specified by Mr. Jarvie, to be accepted as a beneficiary, an individual must:

  • Be 65 years of age or older
  • Reside in the New York City metropolitan area
  • Be a member of the Protestant faith
  • Be an educated and cultured individual
  • Have experienced altered financial circumstances
  • Have the ability to maintain a positive and productive relationship with their social worker

In addition to these mandatory eligibility criteria, the Jarvie Service Committee, which decides whether a candidate should be accepted into the Program, also considers the independence, health, safety, and church involvement of the individual, as well as the need to remain consistent with the budget of the Jarvie Program.


Confidential Application Process

The Jarvie Program takes confidentiality very seriously. Decisions on applications are made anonymously, and the identities of beneficiaries are protected.

Recommend a Beneficiary

To refer a candidate, get in touch with us at the link below, or send an email to referrals@jarvie.org.