Grants to Organizations

Almost 100 years ago, Jarvie Commonweal Founder James N. Jarvie, made a commitment to “help people live, not merely exist.” 

In carrying out his commitment, Mr. Jarvie gave generously to organizations, particularly those helping meet the needs of the poor and underserved elderly populations in the greater New York City area.

Currently, the Jarvie Commonweal Services Committee provides grants to agencies serving and advocating for the needs of older adults within the New York City area. The area is officially defined as the Jarvie Catchment area, which is a 50-mile radius from Columbus Circle, encompassing the Greater New York City Area, and extending beyond New York City into parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester County, and Long Island.

Grant awards help to meet the need of culturally, linguistically, and socially diverse, underserved segments of the population and include direct health services, social services, technical skills, support groups and care-giver education. The Committee seeks applicants that address the administrative, cultural, program, and linguistic competencies needed to help diverse elderly populations.

The funding cycle includes proposal invitations by late summer with organizations’ proposals due in early fall. A determination will be made by November 15. 501c3 organizations wishing to inquire further for capacity building and program grants should complete the interest form below.

Grants to Organizations