Program Governance & Current Operations


Program Administration

Several years after the death of James N. Jarvie in 1929, the Trustees who had been operating the Jarvie Program decided to turn that responsibility over to the Board of National Missions, or BNM, a part of the Presbyterian Foundation, reasoning that this would provide greater stability than continued administration by an independent board that had no institutional affiliation.

Board of National Missions

According to a 1934 Trust Agreement, BNM assumed “all obligations, both of money and service” for the Jarvie Program. It has custody of and manages the endowment funds and has the overall responsibility for all aspects of the Program, including the delivery of service. It is ultimately accountable for ensuring that beneficiaries are being served appropriately by the Jarvie Program.

Under the Trust Agreement, BNM organizes a committee called the Jarvie Commonweal Service Committee. BNM appoints and removes the members of this Jarvie Committee and delegates to the Committee the duty of administering the Program. The Jarvie Committee is not a corporation and has no authority to enter into contracts or employ staff. That authority lies solely with BNM.


The Jarvie Program LLC

Separate from BNM and the Jarvie Committee, there is a service provider that employs and manages the social workers who deliver service directly to beneficiaries. In Nov. 2013 the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA), which had performed this operational function since 1986, concluded that the Program was not consistent with its mission work plan. PMA informed BNM that it had decided to withdraw, and it recommended that a larger, New York City-based, social services agency be chosen.

BNM reviewed credentials for a dozen agencies, and after an 18-month process, entered into a service agreement with The Jarvie Program LLC, an affiliate of a 40+ year-old licensed home care agency with extensive experience in elder care and social work services. The beneficiaries are being visited more frequently by the social workers and survey results have been uniformly and extremely positive.


Outstanding Results

After this reorganization in 2015, the Jarvie Program has achieved outstanding results while reducing administrative costs. The Program has not reduced grants or services to beneficiaries and has also resumed adding new beneficiaries as others leave the program. Thirty-six new beneficiaries have been accepted since the transition, at least 20 of whom were referrals from Presbyterian pastors. Prior to the change, deficit budgets were planned through 2020, and no new beneficiaries were scheduled to be added for at least three years.

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