Organizations that Received Grants in 2021

At its fall 2021 meeting, the Jarvie Commonweal Service Committee approved grants totaling $250,000 to seven organizations that provide care to the elderly in the New York City area.

The organizations that received grant funding are listed below. We are grateful for the good work these agencies do, and happy to partner with them to serve, advocate, and provide for age-friendly care for an ever expanding population in the New York City area, empowering older adults to live at home.

  • CaringKind, to expand its Chinese Outreach program, reaching more families struggling with dementia.
  • Goddard Riverside, to expand services at its Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, which primarily serves low-income, Spanish-speaking older adults.
  • Health Advocates for Older People, for the healthy aging program, which serves as a resource for older adults.
  • ProjectFIND, to invest in new software that will create improved reports that comply with government requirements; additionally, the software has better client information tracking and is integrated with zoom for virtual gatherings.
  • Sage Eldercare, for its Spend-A-Day Medical Adult Day Center.
  • Sage LGBTQ+, for its comprehensive Care Management program for older adults who identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Search and Care, to bolster six key programs for older adults: money matters, mental health services, older adult technology services, defraying the costs of pet care, medical escorting and nutrition and dietary support and to support their recent expansion on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Find out more information about our Grants to Organizations program here.