COVID-19 Update

Jarvie beneficiaries and COVID-19

Dear friends,

This past few years have been a time of great challenges, particularly for those who live in New York City as they have battled the COVID-19 virus.

During this time, the staff that operates the program in New York City have constantly monitored case numbers and news of COVID-19 in New York City and beyond, changing protocols for beneficiary visits and contacts as needed. Whether in person or by phone, these dedicated staff members have provided a listening ear when they’ve felt lonely, isolated and stressed, and have handled practical matters such as having groceries delivered when they could not leave their homes or did not feel comfortable doing so. They’ve arranged for vaccine appointments for our beneficiaries and continue to check on their health and welfare. 

Our Jarvie chaplain, who joined us full-time in May 2020, has been in touch with many who have welcomed the conversations. Indeed, during this time, an extra set of listening ears and spiritual guidance has been most welcome!

The health, safety, and welfare of our Jarvie family members has always been and continues to be our highest priority. 

We are glad to report that the staff and leadership of the Jarvie Program continue to monitor the situation in New York and beyond, keeping a careful eye on the news and health statistics that help guide decisions on in-person visits.

We have the utmost respect for our staff and the leadership of the Jarvie Program, and we continue to be indebted to them for their dedication to the program and to the beneficiaries. We are especially grateful now for their years of experience in the field that led them to make proactive decisions that have helped preserve the quality of life and health of the beneficiaries during this difficult time. 

Please stay safe and healthy and keep the Jarvie family in your prayers.

In Christ’s Service,

Rev. Shannon White, Chair
Jarvie Commonweal Service Committee
January 4, 2023